It really is never too early to buy, provided you are confident with your choice. But do remember that your gown is made especially for you and can take up to six months to arrive with us and you must allow time for fittings and alterations on top of this. Our helpful table below shows you the latest dates for ordering.

Whilst your wedding may feel a whole world away at the moment, the closer you get to the big day the more things you will have to think about, so if you know your gown is all in hand well in advance, it’s just one less thing to worry about and there’s nothing worse than feeling that you are being hurried into making a rush decision, so do give yourself plenty of time if you can.

Month of Wedding Latest Month To Buy
January April
February May
March June
April July
May August
June September
July October
August November
September December
October January
November February
December March
We would always recommend giving yourself as much time as you can, as this gives you so much more choice. But we have a range of dresses to buy off the peg along with access to all of our designers stock and so don’t worry if you have less than 9 months to go.
If you don’t have much time until your wedding, don’t despair! We have ranges to buy off the peg and have access to our designers stock, so there’s no need to panic, the more time you have the more choice you have, and so that’s the best way to think about it.
Our door is always open and you are always welcom