Evie Young Arriving at Pure - January '21

Evie Young Arriving at Pure - January '21

Evie Young Arriving at Pure - January '21. Mobile Image

Introducing the new Name in bridal that's taking the World by storm!


Now; we get excited... we know you know that! But this time it's different... this time it's new! This time...it's Evie Young! 


This brand new Australian bridal collection comes from the same family of designers as Madi Lane Bridal, probably one of the fastest growing bridal brands in history!! So it's fair to say it has a pretty good pedigree.


So why are we so excited? Well, we all love a boho vibe, we definitely love organic details, and this collection give us both in spades, but it's breaking with tradition in that this is a new. vibrant take on boho. Fun and flirty, sexy, soft and simply beautiful, not just lace and tulle, but strong, modern and unique designs that will add depth to our collection and a fresh new vibrancy to our rails.


This is what they say about their wedding dress designs:-


Understanding and embracing the concept that no bride is the same, our collections blend both the bold and soft, the elegant and unconventional, the fashion-forward with the classic. Designing our own opulent laces and fabrics keep the Evie Young vibe exclusive and exceptional.


Knowing that comfort is as important as style, our signature fusion construction combines the freedom of soft non-weighty fabrics and unrestrictive skirts to keep you carefree and footloose. Accentuating the feminine form without sacrificing class or your flair, all designs contain just enough bodice construction to highlight and support where needed.


To us, size does matter when it comes to being inclusive and therefore all Evie Young design pieces can be created in sizes 2 to 28. Most of our designs are offered in a range of colours and individual personalisation options to bespoke your bridal vision.


Your gown is made especially for you and can be purchased through one of our carefully selected, like-minded brand partners who are just as immersed and enlivened by brides as we are.


Our designs come to life and are transformed and defined by the women who wear them. Every bride makes them unique. Seeing your wedding photos are the best part of our every day, and we are so looking forward to seeing yours. 


Well we couldn't agree more...take a look at this preview video...which is your fave? Sierra is 100% nailed on mine!


Hope you love them as much as we do.