What You Should Know Before Booking A Wedding Dress Appointment

What You Should Know Before Booking A Wedding Dress Appointment

 While searching for a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of getting married, it can also be a little daunting for new brides-to-be. To help take the stress off of you, we’ve put together the questions we get the most and have provided our answers to help you get an idea of what you should know before you even book your first wedding dress appointment. Read below for all of our top tips!


When should I start wedding dress shopping? 

It’s never too early to start wedding dress shopping! Ideally, you should start shopping around 12 months before the wedding as most gowns will take around 6 months to be made from the date of order and you’ll then need to have alterations to ensure the perfect fit, which may take a few months  so the more time the better! Make sure you factor in even more time if you are looking to make custom changes and alterations to avoid last-minute stress.


If you’re a bride-to-be in a time crunch, look for boutiques that offer a variety of dresses off the peg or ready-to-wear bridal ranges. These are the dresses they have in-store, and you can typically get a faster turnover with these over ordering custom.


How do I choose which shops to visit?

With a plethora of options out there, choosing a shop can be a tad overwhelming. The first step should be to check-in with yourself first by asking a few questions. What is your realistic budget? What styles and brands are you leaning towards? What experience would you like to have at the shop you choose? Once you have a better idea of what you’re looking for, it will be easier to find it. Choose stores that you feel will ‘get you’ whose gowns you love and whose vibe just feels right.



What should I expect from a wedding dress shop? 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that every bridal boutique is unique, and they offer different experiences and amenities from location to location. Narrowing down your priorities and what you value in your future bridal experience is essential. Are you looking for your favourite bridal label, or are you open to other options? Are you looking for a more intimate bridal experience with a personalized appointment, or are you just looking for a place to drop in and look about? Whatever your preference, there’s the perfect shop out there that will fit your personal tastes and needs.


As cheesy as it sounds, the best thing to do before visiting a bridal shop is to do your research! Look at the boutique’s website, find brides that have talked about their experience with the store, and check out their Instagram profiles to get a full picture of what each boutique offers you.


How does wedding dress shopping work? 

Wedding dress shopping is something very personal and varies from boutique to boutique. Typically, you’ll be paired with a bridal consultant who will work with you to help determine all the elements you’re looking for in a dream dress. This is where your wedding dress inspo Pinterest board comes in handy! After talking, your consultant will bring you dresses of your preference to try on. Some boutiques offer private bridal lounges for trying on different dresses, while others have fitting rooms more typical to the usual department store.


If you to find your dream dress at your appointment, you’ll begin the process of actually purchasing your gown. This will usually mean that you’ll be measured and the store will order your perfect gown in your size and preferred colour, and it is usual at this stage to pay 50% deposit, so make sure you’ve got a plan for how/who will be paying for your gown before you go.

Make sure you factor in a little of your budget and some time before the wedding for extra fittings and alterations to make sure your wedding gown fits you like a glove!



How much does a wedding dress cost?

Wedding dress price varies from dress to dress, and from label to label. Traditionally, collections from top bridal labels range from around £800 to £2,000, but if you’re looking for a couture label, expect to pay even higher. Off the peg options are great if you’re on a budget, as they are traditionally more cost-effective, and range from around £299.00 to £899.00. Don’t forget to factor any custom alterations you’re planning on into your budget!



We hope that this little FAQ will help take some of the pressure off as you’re searching for the perfect bridal boutique for you. At Pure Brides, we want every bride to feel empowered to be her best beautiful, whether she’s shopping with us or not!


Best of wishes on all your wedding dress searching!