Some Useful Info

From the moment you book your appointment, whether it be using our online booking service or simply by calling the showroom, you will begin to see how important both you and your day is to us.

If you haven’t previously done so, you will be invited to complete a Bridal Interview, giving us all the information about your wedding that is important to you. This in turn will mean that we will already have a feel for what you have in mind before you even set foot through the door!

Once you arrive you will be invited to take a seat where your consultant will chat through your plans and ideas and then she will guide you through our collection of gowns from which you will choose your favourites that you would like to try on.

We would always recommend that you book an appointment to ensure you receive the service and time you deserve. We also ask that you only bring two trusted relatives or friends as your guests, who will give you an honest and genuine opinion and we would suggest that you allow up to two hours for your initial appointment.

Your prompt arrival to appointments is much appreciated, as we do get very busy and want to ensure you enjoy a relaxed visit. We would not wish your appointment to be rushed but as we run a very strict diary we cannot allow your time to run over as this would be unfair to the next bride. We thank you for your understanding.

Top Tips

  • Wear a strapless, well supporting bra
  • Keep underwear colours neutral
  • Bring no more than 2 trusted friends or relatives
  • If possible, bring a heeled shoe that is a similar height to that which you would like to wear on your wedding day
  • Restrict yourself to just 3 or 4 appointments in one day
  • Make sure you schedule some time out for lunch!
  • Be open minded

Most importantly, have fun!

Important Note

We apologise that as the bridal showroom and fitting rooms are on different levels it is not suitable environment for prams or buggies as they cannot be watched at all times. We are very happy to make arrangements for wheelchair access, should this be helpful to you, but if possible please do let us know when booking your appointment.

Appointment Fee

As we are so busy and regularly have a waiting list for appointments we now ask for your debit/credit card details to take a £10 fee to confirm your appointment, in the same way that your dentist or beauty therapist would. This simply encourages brides who need to reschedule or cancel their appointment to call us and let us know at least 24 hours in advance, allowing us to reallocate their appointment to a waiting bride.