Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

You’re a bride-to-be that’s about to have your first bridal appointment, and you’re super excited, but you still have a few questions about how everything will go. There’s no need to stress! We’ve answered some of our brides’ most commonly asked questions, so you can feel calm and confident when walking through the doors of your first appointment, and ready to find your dream dress!


Can I go wedding dress shopping alone?

Sure! You can absolutely shop alone. A lovely Bridal Stylist will always be there to help you with any questions or concerns you might have, so don’t be afraid to ask. They’re really the experts on all things bridal, so be sure to utilize their expertise. Come as you are, or grab your bestie, your mum, or whoever you wish, and get ready to find your dream wedding dress!


How long does a wedding dress shopping appointment take?

Typically, you should allow about 1.5 - 2 hours for your bridal appointment so that you don’t feel rushed. That amount of time allows you to try on everything you want, find what you’re leaning towards, and ideally, find the dress you’ve been dreaming about. Perfection takes time! Why not make a day of it and take your guests for a bite to eat after your appointment to natter about all the gorgeous wedding gowns you’ve seen! And maybe even raise a glass to celebrate finding ‘The one’


What underwear should I wear?

It’s best to wear neutral seamless undergarments while wedding dress shopping to avoid any odd panty lines or bra strap mishaps. This day is all about your dream wedding dress, so don’t let your knickers steal the show!



Who should I take with me?

The amount of guests you are allowed to bring varies from boutique to boutique, but the sentiment remains the same - choose the people whose opinions you trust the most, and have your best interests at heart. Having friends and loved ones around that bring out the best in you is essential! With the right company, you’ll make memories that you’ll cherish forever while on your search for the perfect wedding gown.


Can I take my groom wedding dress shopping?

While this is a little untraditional, that choice is up to you! Your appointment is all about what makes you feel confident and uniquely-you. If you want your hubby-to-be by your side, by all means, bring him, most bridal stores will have no objection at all.


What shall I bring to a wedding dress appointment?

A strapless, well supporting bra, nude/seamless underwear, your closest confidants, and an open mind are the absolute essentials! Make sure to bring your phone as well to take pictures, or to Facetime loved ones that couldn’t make the appointment.



We hope that this little FAQ has helped calm any pre-bridal appointment jitters, and will help you feel calm, confident, and ready to find your perfect wedding dress as soon as you walk through the door. At Pure Brides, we want nothing more than for every bride-to-be to feel empowered to be her best beautiful, whether she’s shopping with us or not. Wishing you all the best on your journey to find your perfect wedding dress!